Raised in a creative family, I have balanced interests in science and art throughout my life. 


My artistic mentors include Hardy Hanson and Lela Harty.  I have also valued workshops with Carolyn Anderson, Kim English, Tom Balderas, and Marjorie Taylor.  A year spent in the MFA program at the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI) was very influential, opening artistic doors I suspected were present, somewhere, but I had not yet found.  All the SFAI faculty were wonderful, but most notable is John Priola, who ran the program with love and wisdom.


I obtained a BA in both Art and Biology from UC Santa Cruz.  Later, my graduate and then post-graduate work at Rockefeller University and the Salk Institute focused on primate vision, giving me a unique view of visual artistic processes. 


My work is represented in private collections around the world and has appeared in galleries and shows throughout California.