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    Lisa J. Croner is an artist based in San Diego, California, in the United States.  She is a representational painter, meaning that most of her work presents images of recognizable objects.  Her primary medium is oil paint, used in a modern impressionist style.


    Croner's recent work has explored more complex imagery, bending toward more personal interpretations integrating layering and invented scenes.

    Croner is a developing artist, having turned to painting full-time after a career as a scientist.  Raised in a creative family, she balanced interests in science and art throughout her life, obtaining her BA in both Art and Biology from UC Santa Cruz.  Her graduate and post-graduate work at Rockefeller University and the Salk Institute focused on primate vision, giving her an interesting and unique view of visual artistic processes.  Her artistic mentors include Hardy Hanson and Lela Harty;  she has also valued workshops with Marjorie Taylor, Tom Balderas, Kim English, and Carolyn Anderson.

    In addition to her diverse background, abundant curiosity, and enthusiasm about the richness and possibilities of imagery, Lisa Croner just loves to paint!  It is her hope that the images she builds will be meaningful to those who see and own them.